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Enrich little geniuses with fun learning!

PlayShifu makes screens educational, fun and hands-on.

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Add Learning to your child's daily activities!

With PlayShifu, your child is always learning and entertained.

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Build a stronger foundation with PlayShifu

Boost learning with 20 essential skills in early childhood.

  • Orboot
  • Plugo
  • Tacto

Live the Experience

Learning made easy through fun experiences with Shifu Orboot. Experience countries, cultures, wildlife, inventions, cuisines & monuments

Geography | Environmental & Social Science | Cultural Sensitivity

Learn through Experiences

Play in the real world to drive the game on screen! Boost innate skills and beyond with Shifu Plugo.

STEM | Music | Language

Bring alive the board games

Turn any tablet into the board and play with real figurines for a magical experience!

Physics | Chemistry | Critical & Analytical Thinking
Allowing kids to live adventures in classrooms worldwide

More than 600 classrooms and libraries have integrated PlayShifu educational games in their curriculum and STEM time.

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Kids are learning and growing with Playshifu
Multi-award winning products
Kids, Parents & Teachers Love PlayShifu

Kids just love how
interactive these
games are! Helps
them think 'outside
the box'.

Dr Patricia Munoz,

PhD, Children's Neuropsychologist

Bucky, my 5-year-
old loves the Orboot
globe and he's still
playing with it 6
months later!

James Brains,

Freelance Writer

What's better than a
regular globe? A
globe with AR! And
it is the perfect
educational toy.

Farrah Malala,

Traveler & Single Mother

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